Monday, December 14, 2009

A New Hope?

Sorry y'all... This chapter is kinda disjointed and not overly long... Apologies...


Marc and I sat in the back of the locker room, watching Sidney as he gave an uplifting speech to the team who just watched their dreams trickle out of their hands. I rested my hand on my belly, rubbing lightly as the boys shifted anxiously. My other hand squeezed Marc’s tightly; resting my head on his shoulder. It was weird he seemed so calm about the situation. I knew he was upset that he wasn’t able to play with his team, and I knew he didn’t talk losses as hard as others; but this was the Stanley Cup, and that was the biggest prize of all, wasn’t it? I sighed gently as Sidney came towards us, still wiping tears from his eyes.

“Don't worry, Flower. I remember how hard it was to miss the third period last year, to watch you guys fight without me. Next year though... next year we'll get her back and you can feed the two little monsters Cheerios from the cup.” I held my breath and tensed as Marc nodded, patting Sidney on the shoulder. We sat in silence for a few minutes, his hand joining mine on my bump as my mind wondered to what our life, and our family, would look like a year from now.

“C'mon, Abby...” Marc whispered, slowly rising to his feet. “Let's go home.” I nodded slowly, letting him pull me to mine before walking out of the quiet room.

We sat in the crowed waiting room, hand in hand, waiting for my name to be called. I glanced around seeing women in varying degrees of pregnancy; some not showing at all, while still others looking ready to give birth any second. Some women had a gaggle of children around them, while others, like me, had just their spouse, and others still were there completely on their own.

“Tout va ĂȘtre bien.” Marc whispered in my ear as an other woman was taken back.

“I know...” I sighed resting against him gently. “I'm just... Marc, what if every thing's not fine? What if? I mean... I don't think I can survive if he dies!” I sobbed gently as Marc folded his arms around me.

“Aberleigh Michaels?” A voice called out. I lifted my head off Marc's shoulder and wiped my tears quickly before following the pretty brunette into an examining room. “Alright, my name is Mandy and I'll be your nurse today.” She smiled softly at me. I stole a glance at Marc as he blushed gently. What was that about? “If you could hop up on the table and we'll get a look at your babies. Sound good?” I nodded easily, climbing onto the covered table, lifting my shirt over my bump. Mandy, the nurse, gooped the gel onto the wand and began moving slowly across my stomach adding an occasional hmmm... or oh! After about five minutes she set the apparatus down and smiled at us. “I'll be right back, there's just something here Dr. Cashman should see.” I clutched Marc's hand tighter as she disappeared through the door.

“Oh my god, there's more wrong!” I exclaimed tears spilling over onto my cheeks. “I can't do this, Marc. I can't here more bad news!” I turned towards him, finding him wiping his own tears quickly, hoping I wouldn't see them.

“Maybe it's good news, Abby.” He whispered, trying to smile down at me. “Maybe... just maybe Andre-Benoit's lungs have caught up to Dominic's. Maybe they're both fine now!” I sighed deeply as he kissed the top on my head gently. “We just have to think positively.” I nodded as Dr. Cashman walked back through the doors, and directly to the ultrasound machine, and my side.

“Okay!” He started authoritatively. “Let's take a look at these little miracles.” He took the wand in his hand adding more goop before sliding it over my bump. Marc's grip on my hand tightened as Dr. Cashman hummed thoughtfully, twisting the wand around my stomach before sitting back, wiping his hands and handing me a towel. “Well...” He started taking us both in as I sat up on the table, Marc taking a seat next to me, still clutching my hand in a vice like grip. “Sometimes we don't know what happens to children with developmental problems...” I inhaled sharply and held my breath, preparing myself for the news Dr. Cashman was about to give me. My baby didn't make it... “But little Baby 'A'-”

“Andre-Benoit.” Marc interrupted him, placing his hand protectively over my stomach. Died... I closed my eyes against the next words.

“Andre-Benoit,” Dr. Cashman corrected, “has completely caught up to his brother. His outcome looks very promising at this point. He should be just fine.” My eyes shot open as my mind digested the news. I turned to Marc slowly, feeling the warm trails of fresh tears falling from my eyes. We stared at each other for a moment, letting giddy grins creep onto our faces before turning back to Dr. Cashman.

“He's okay?” I whispered not wanting this to be a trick, or just false hope.

“Physically...” the doctor smiled, as Marc pulled me into a one armed hug by my shoulders, kissing the top of my head, “he's perfectly fine. But we'll still need to watch him closely. And I still want you resting all the time. Aberleigh, I'm not joking. You should be lying down for 80% of your day, got it?” Marc and I both nodded as the doctor finally stood from the stool. “Then congratulations. Go home. I'm sure you both have a lot to think about.” We nodded as Marc hopped off the table, shaking Dr. Cashman's hand before lifting me down from the table.

“Thank you...” I whispered to Dr. Cashman. He briefly nodded before leaving out the door that Mandy, the nurse, stood, almost forgotten.

“Come on, Abby... We've got to tell Cooper.” Marc whispered excitedly as he led me towards the door.

“Umm... Marc?” Mandy's voice cut in tentatively. “Could I just ask you a quick question?” Marc sighed loudly, causing me to look between them slowly, confused. Who was this woman? “He hasn't... asked about me.... has he?”

“Look... Mandy?” He sighed, letting go of me briefly to touch this woman on the tops of her arms. “Forget about Max. He's... Well... He's not really attainable right now. He's just looking for a good time.” I stared at him, shocked! He couldn't say those things to her! I jabbed him in the side, causing him to move out of the way.

“Mandy, I know you don't know Max well. He's a good guy with the attention span of a gnat. There are plenty of good guys out there. And you're going to find him. But trust me... It's been well over a week, Max isn't going to call. I'm sorry.” I gave her a quick pat on the arm, apologetically, before walking out the door with Marc.

I sighed gently, closing the door behind me, rubbing Cooper's head as he followed me up the stairs, Marc closely behind me. I uncomfortably slid onto the bed, on my side. Oh what I wouldn't give to be able to lie on my stomach! I groaned deeply as Marc began to massage my shoulders, slowly moving his magical hands down my back, his perfect lips finding my earlobe as I felt his breath gently on my cheek.

“Marc...” I moaned as his hands found the sorest part on my back. I could feel his grin as he moved his hand around my back and stomach, up my shirt and traced the base of my bra. I slowly turned over to face him; his eyes were so dark I couldn’t distinguish between his pupil and his iris. “Marc…” I whispered as he brushed the hair off of my forehead before pressing his lips roughly against my own, the hand he had placed under my shirt, now sliding underneath the cup and rolling my hardening nipple between his fingers. I sighed softly into his kiss as I felt him move away from my breasts to pull my shirt over my head, my bra following seconds later, before his hands roamed their way across my torso.

“Abby...” His whisper held something more than just my name. I forced my eyes open to look into his, his beautiful eyes that held more love and concern then I ever thought possible.

“Yah, Marc?” I breathed, my breath catching as his fingers danced across the stretched skin of my belly.

“Do you think... Now that... I mean...” He sighed, his eyelids hiding his gorgeous eyes from me. I placed my hand gently on his cheek, forcing his eyes open again.

“Marc... I don't know.” I sighed, running the fingers of my other hand through his hair, resting lightly on the back of his neck. “All I know is he's healthy, and that I love you.” I watched as a small grin began to play on his lips; allowing my own smile to form.

“Yah... but... Should we...?” I sighed as the question bounced around in my head.

“Well...” I started, moving my hands from his hair, down his arms. “We could wait and call Dr. Cashman's office tomorrow... Get a professional's advice.” He nodded thoughtfully, twining his legs around mine, and pulling me as close as possible with my bump, quickly turning into a beach ball, got between us.

“You're right...” His grin grew as fluttering hit my stomach, fluttering I was pretty sure wasn't the boys. “I love you Aberleigh Kay Michaels.”

“I love you too, Marc-Andre.” I smiled into the kiss he lightly placed against my lips, a bark ringing out beside us. “Cooper!” I admonished as the dog dipped his head lightly. I pulled away from Marc slowly to, sit up and turn towards my overgrown puppy. “What's wrong, Coop? It's just Daddy... He's not hurting me, or the babies. I promise...” I rested my forehead against the top of the dog's head, stroking his neck gently; giggling as he licked the underside of my jaw. “Oh, Cooper, what are we going to do with you?” I sighed, lifting myself off the dog and resting against Marc's shoulder, his arm wrapped tightly around me.

My eyes blinked open from my third nap of the afternoon. Still tired, I glanced slowly around the room, finding that Marc wasn't there. Groaning from stiffness, I pulled myself off the bed and slowly headed downstairs.

The house was quiet... Too quiet for Marc to be home. I checked the kitchen for a note, anything to tell me where he'd gone, but there was nothing. He must have gone for a walk with Cooper... I smiled before settling on the couch to watch a movie to pass the time.

Ten minutes into my movie Cooper came in from behind the couch, laying his head on my knee. I pat his head gently looking over the couch for Marc, no where to be found.

“Cooper... Where did Daddy go?” I mused to the dog, now starting to get worried, this wasn't like Marc to just disappear. I moved towards the kitchen wall, picking up the phone and dialing familiar numbers.

“Talk to me!” Max's voice flooded the line as I breathed in relief.

“Max! Please tell me you've seen Marc.” I pleaded with his best friend. “He didn't leave a note, and I know I'm sounding paranoid, but Max... I just need to know where he is.”

“Mon Dieu, maintenant je dois garder les enfants Flower aussi?” He muttered softly in French before sighing deeply. “Abbs... Last I heard he went down to the Igloo. Something about getting his leg in shape for the season.”

“Max... It's July... Why is he so worried about this now?”

“Je ne sais pas, Abbs... but that's the last place I heard.” I sighed before thanking him and hanging up the phone. I moved quickly through the kitchen as I gathered my cell phone, my wallet, keys and purse.

“C'mon Coop, lets go get Daddy,” I called, Cooper pulled himself off the floor and followed me towards the door. “I just don't get it, Cooper... Why would he -” I swung the door open to step out and almost ran into the person on the other side.

“Oh... Miss Aberleigh! We almost collided.” A familiar voice flooded my consciousness. I swung my eyes up to be met with the warm brown eyes of my dear sweet, Lucy!

“Lucy, what are you doing here?!” I exclaimed pulling her into a tight hug.

“Your Momma and Daddy wanted someone watching out for you and the babies, so I came out.” She shrugged easily, letting me go. “You're looking good, Miss Aberleigh. And getting big.” I laughed uneasily, rubbing my bludgeoning stomach. “Where is your man, anyways?” She questioned peering around me into the front room.

“I was just going to get him, would you like to come with me?” I asked shyly, feeling much like a 4 year old trying to convince her mother to go to the store with her.

“Of course, hunny, lead the way.” She smiled, wrapping her arm around my shoulders and pulling me out the door further.

“Cooper, come!” I called, the big black fluff ball charging after us.


  1. so glad that this story it back...loved the update

  2. Oh, little Andre-Benoit! I cried to hear he's okay. Chills and tears. Seriously, I wouldn't have been able to go on if the babies weren't okay. I mean, I know they're not necessarily out of the woods yet, but... okay I'm going to stop rambling. This was a great update, Heather! So happy that things are heading in a good direction again for them. They deserve it. :)